Roots blower for powder delivery

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My company’s main roots blower’s advanced technology, using advanced CAD auxiliary design, research and development and professional seiko production of high quality, low noise, a new generation of high efficiency and energy saving product, the product has reasonable structure, small volume, high pressure, high efficiency, large air volume, low noise, smooth operation and good performance, long service life, simple maintenance and so on.

Roots blower picture details:

Roots blower for powder delivery


1. what is powder conveying
In fact, the powder conveying system is also known as airflow conveying, which USES the energy of airflow to transport granular materials along the airflow conveying direction in a closed pipeline. It is a specific application of fluidization technology. The structure of the powder conveying device is simple and easy to operate. It can be used for horizontal, vertical or inclined conveying. In the conveying process, it can also be used for physical or some chemical operations such as heating, cooling, drying and air classification of materials. Compared with mechanical conveying, this method consumes more energy, and the particles are vulnerable to damage and abrasion. Materials with high water content, adhesion or easy to generate static electricity when moving at high speed are not suitable for powder conveying.

According to the customer site machine placement on the site of raw materials, combined with the special auxiliary machine design and design of a kind of can realize centralized feeding, centralized control, so as to achieve the whole factory unmanned uninterrupted molding operation solution. The industrial computer is used to control all the machines automatically and realize the 24 hours continuous feeding operation for all the material units. It can perfectly realize the special requirements of dehumidification, drying, conveying, metering and mixing of raw materials. The central feeding system has a variety of monitoring and protection functions, safe and reliable work.

2. Working process of powder conveying system
For powder conveying, conveying material is best in the shape of powder particles, powdery materials, these are the best material in powder conveying, for conveying equipment is completely matching, and powder conveying is more appropriate, can meet the needs of most manufacturers. Below small make up to give you a detailed explanation of the powder transport process, let’s see!

The first step is not to establish a purification system, but to pay attention to air volume and pressure, which have a relatively large correlation with powder transport. Independent air source or air source of air pressure station commonly used in engineering can be used to solve the problem of air source.

The second step, according to the user’s transport requirements, understand the amount and distance of the conveyor, and write down the parameters of the material and the normal operating temperature, the final inspection and improvement to determine.

Step 3: adopt positive pressure conveying to protect the environment and prevent the material from moisture

Step 4: the transported materials pass through the bin and enter the main body of the transport equipment, and the compressed air passes through the main air duct and the nozzle to enter the dispersion mixing chamber at a high speed. The materials in the bin are combined with the negative pressure of the nozzle to mix the materials into the mixing chamber and the air stream, and the materials are transported through the air stream.

Above is the basic work flow of powder conveying, every detail should not be careless, check and improve, so as to make the powder conveying equipment normal and efficient operation.

3.Working principle of powder conveying
Powder transport working principle: when the fan extracts air from the powder collection tank, the tank will generate a strong negative pressure, the powder in the powder bag will be inhaled into the powder collection tank together with the air through the powder suction tube, the filter in the powder collection tank will effectively prevent dust and small particles with the air out; Powder in the process, the collection tank next to the accumulator tank filling up a certain pressure of air, when the material at the end of the absorption, the air accumulator tank releases, pulse in a flash back to filter, blown adsorption on the filter material, powder conveying pump working principle of the filter element can keep normal filter area, not affect production.

4.Composition of powder conveying system
The whole vacuum powder conveying system is composed of the following parts:

Powder collection tank is mainly used for temporary storage of powder materials inhaled. Adopt inside and outside polishing treatment, material is stainless steel 304, accord with hygiene requirement, top contain out air and filter device, bottom is cone bottom out material structure, the whole tank body is convenient to disassemble, clean and install.

The powder conveying fan components of the filtration system is mainly used for filtering air and dust collection tank. Multiple groups of microporous filter tubes are adopted to ensure the formation of large filtration area, ensure the intake and output air volume, and effectively prevent powder materials from entering the fan; The filter element of the filter tube is made of PE or stainless steel. Overall structure cleaning and replacement.

The high-pressure three-leaf roots blower set and valve set are mainly used for continuous extraction of gas, forming a negative pressure environment in the powder collecting tank. The high pressure three-leaf roots fan has a large capacity of air volume and suction, which can easily form a large negative pressure in the tank and ensure the efficiency of powder absorption. And the inlet valve group, ensure the stable and continuous operation of the equipment.

Of powder delivery roots fan components accumulation pressure back blowing and pulse system is mainly used to accumulate a certain pressure and capacity of the gas, the filter device for instant reverse blowing. Pulse-type reverse blowing can effectively blow down the adsorbed powder particles on the filter core to ensure the filtration area of the pumped air. The accumulator is made of stainless steel and has a good polished surface.

The automatic discharge device is mainly used to set powder material in the tank continuous transmission to the outside of the tank. With good air tightness and vane type rotating structure, it can transport powder evenly and quantitatively.

6 powder transport roots fan components of high frequency shock auxiliary unloading device in order to prevent powder collection in the tank piling up and not easy to be transported by the unloading device, high frequency vibration method, let the powder in the tank uniform flow, so as to achieve the purpose of uniform powder transport.

CKD solenoid valve and material level meter are used in the material level control system of lutz fan, which is used for the delivery of powder, and the powder level is effectively controlled.

Therefore powder transmission three-leaf roots fan components PLC automatic control system can be used as a whole set of system semi-automatic control or PLC control, LCD touch screen centralized display and monitoring, background parameter Settings, to achieve automatic control of powder transmission.

‘levies and absorption feeding pipe valve system USES a specially designed network type tube, powder in the powder flow rate under the premise of suction, minimize adsorption powder bag, in addition to the hose, adopt polished stainless steel tube, reduce the resistance in the process of powder conveying.


The following is for everyone to introduce:

Roots blower application in the feed industry

Roots blower is used in the processing of feed industry, mainly for conveying feed and drying.

Conveying and drying feed all depends on your quantity, conveying needs to provide specific gravity, conveying quantity, pipe diameter, height, distance, and other parameters. Drying needs to provide moisture content, drying quantity and so on.

EVP vacuum technology co., LTD will be your ideal choice, we with rich production experience, to ensure the quality of production, in line with the “quality, keep credibility, customer first” purpose, wholeheartedly for the vast number of new and old customers to provide services.

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