Roots lobe blowers

Roots lobe blower of performance range

The suction air volume in the performance table refers to the inlet flow when the suction pressure is standard atmospheric pressure (101.325kpa ABS), the suction temperature is 20 ° c and the conveying medium is pure air. When the blower delivers special gas, the suction heat should be converted according to the molecular weight inlet temperature and inlet pressure of the conveying medium.

Roots lobe blower working principle and structure

1. Working principle: roots lobe blower is a volumetype gas blower. The two impellers in the casing keep a certain clearance with each other.

2. The structure of the fan includes housing side board wall board cylindrical roller bearing housing small bearing housing centripetal ball bearing small bearing gland driven gear driving gear main oil tank auxiliary oil tank active impeller driven impeller seal sleeve etc. The casing is made of high quality grey cast iron resin sand, which is made of imported precision machining center.

3.With the left and right wall panels and side panels to form the body, air chamber. The wall board is made of high quality grey cast iron resin sand. The impeller is made of high quality castings, which is precisely machined by imported special special machine tools. The impeller and shaft are hot-mounted, and the rotor is dynamically balanced with G2.5 precision to ensure small vibration and smooth operation of the fan.

4.The synchronous gear is made of chrome-manganium-titanium alloy steel, carburized and quenched with sufficient strength, and then made of high performance gear grinding machine fine grinding tooth surface, the precision is up to GB/ t10095-88 5, the gear is lubricated by oil bath. Gear and shaft gear ring and hub are taper fit to ensure concentric self-locking. Bearings are imported from Japan NSK bearings.

Roots lobe blower industry

Roots lobe blower industry demand is very large

In today’s market development, roots lobe blower equipment is very hot bare – handed.

Not only because one industry needs to use this kind of mechanical equipment, because the development of many industries are required to be able to use.

Then with the rapid development of the industry, and the space of this kind of equipment for the market is expanding, since the demand for the industry will increase.

So for the development of some industries this mechanical equipment has a very great significance.

Especially for a number of industries like chemical industry, electric power and so on, in fact are needed to use roots lobe blower this equipment, so for the demand for such a large space, we can imagine.

Since so many industries are already in use, what industry can keep this device from participating?

So said roots lobe blower this kind of mechanical equipment development momentum is very good, and can let the consumer to be able to pay attention to, so is bound to bring certain benefits to the industry development.

Roots lobe blowers

Roots lobe blowers

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