roots water ring vacuum unit in vacuum furnace

Roots water ring vacuum unit is widely used in vacuum smelting, steel fluid degassing, vacuum freeze drying, vacuum distillation, vacuum concentration, vacuum extraction, etc., especially suitable for petrochemical, textile, paper making, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Specific situation of multifunctional vacuum induction furnace. First of all, according to the requirements of the equipment to produce gas, user working pressure, the ultimate vacuum and extraction time, the main pump and vacuum system, again according to the work requirements, such as extraction time selecting matching appropriate model in the middle of the pump and the backing pump.

Roots water ring vacuum unit

The main pump is oil booster pump, and the middle pump is roots pump. Because of the oil pump start-up time is long, in cyclic operation of vacuum equipment, when loading and unloading in vacuum chamber, in order to shorten the cycle and do not stop the main pump, will be closed before the high vacuum valves and piping valve, make the main pump is still in the working condition. However, due to the irresistible factors such as valve leakage, the pressure in the main pump chamber increases, which can easily exceed the maximum allowable pressure of working fluid and cause the vapor oxidation of pump oil.

In order to solve this problem and save energy, a maintenance pump is used in a large vacuum system at the population of the main pump. The vacuum furnace is multifunctional. In order to meet the technical requirements of the users, it is necessary to blow oxygen and argon under low vacuum conditions. In the process of blowing oxygen and argon, a large amount of dust and smoke may be removed, which has a great impact on the life of mechanical pumps and roots pumps. Therefore, we choose to install a water ring pump to remove a lot of dust and other impurities.


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