Turbo blower use Instructions

Turbo blower is a new type of air source generating equipment. It is mainly made of high strength and anti fatigue aluminum alloy material. It has the characteristics of compact structure, small volume and light weight. The turbo pump adopts special motor direct connection type, without any speed change mechanism. Because of its simple structure and direct transmission form, it also has low noise, energy saving, stable performance and maintenance It has the advantages of convenience, etc. and the gas source sent out is anhydrous, oil-free and low temperature rise, which is incomparable with other gas source generating equipment.

When we use the turbo blower, we should pay attention to some problems, which is more conducive to our later maintenance work, so that the service life of our turbo blower is longer. The following seven points should be paid attention to when using the turbo blower:

1. The turbine blower should be placed in a clean, dry and ventilated place and a relatively stable place.

2. On the fan housing of the turbo blower, the arrow direction marked must be consistent with the rotation direction of the impeller.

3. In the process of operation, if the damage of the turbo blower is caused, it means that it produces too much heat and motor superfluity, so it is necessary to avoid all sealing phenomena at the air inlet and air outlet of the blower.

4. Except for the two bearings of the motor rotor, there is no direct contact friction at other parts.

5. If the filter screen and silencer at both ends of the inlet and outlet are not cleaned properly, it will cause blockage and affect the use.

6. The connection outside the air inlet and outlet must adopt hose connection such as rubber pipe and plastic spring pipe.

7. When replacing the bearing, make sure to let the personnel familiar with the repair work carry out the operation. First unscrew the screws on the pump cover, and then disassemble the parts one by one in order. The removed parts must be cleaned, and then assemble in reverse order. When disassembling, try not to pry the impeller hard, and use special Ramallah; at the same time, do not miss the steps of adjusting gasket, so as not to affect the good clearance of the regulator at the factory.

Turbo blower use Instructions

No matter which brand of Turbo blower, it needs two aspects of protection: one is pressure, the other is dust.

For the pressure, the relief valve is often used, which is a unloading valve. When the use pressure of the turbine blower exceeds the pressure set by the relief valve, the relief valve will open automatically to release the excess pressure, so as to protect the vortex type air pump.

For dust, filters are often used. It often uses different filter elements with different filtering accuracy according to different use sites. Different filter elements have different maintenance methods and service life, which need to be asked clearly when ordering.

In some special occasions, special protection is also needed: for example, when using in a sealed environment, pay attention to ventilation and heat dissipation; when the ambient temperature (when the air inlet temperature is relatively high), pay more attention to ventilation and heat dissipation, or select a turbine blower with a higher allowable air inlet temperature.

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