Vacuum pump for food processing and packaging

The concept of integrated packaging ensures that the finished product is hygienic, reliable, fast and effective packaging. It is an important part of modern meat and sausage production. This is why innovative Meat Processors continue to strive to optimize their production processes and integrate their packaging lines into the whole process in the best way.

Correct selection of vacuum generation system essentially affects the operational reliability and economic efficiency of packaging process. According to the size of the factory and the quantity of production involved, there are many vacuum supply options. These alternatives are explained below and are worth considering in order to find the best solution in terms of technology and cost-effectiveness.

Vacuum packaging of meat and sausage products provides a basic advantage: eliminating the air in the packaging greatly reduces the oxygen content, slows down the activity of bacteria requiring oxygen, and thus significantly prolongs the shelf life. In addition, vacuum packaging is hygienic and enables products to be presented in an attractive manner. There are a variety of vacuum packaging machines on the market, which means that suitable packaging machines can be found for all packaging requirements. Regardless of their design or size, these packaging machines have one thing in common: for all machines, vacuum must be generated to meet the requirements of vacuum packaging. This can be achieved by an integrated or separate vacuum pump.

Next for you to introduce, food processing and packaging vacuum pump?

Rotary vane vacuum pump

Vacuum pump for food processing and packaging

Rotary vane vacuum pump is suitable for vacuum pumping in closed system. Such as vacuum packaging, vacuum forming, vacuum attraction.
Inlet pressure range: 100Pa ~ 10000Pa, beyond which oil mist will be generated at the outlet of the vacuum pump. The working environment temperature and the inhalation gas temperature of the rotary vane vacuum pump should be between 5 ~40 ~C.
Rotary vane vacuum pump can not pump water or other liquids. No explosive, flammable, excessive oxygen and corrosive gases can be removed.
General supply of motor is not explosion-proof, such as explosion-proof or other special requirements when the motor must meet the relevant standards.

Rotary vane vacuum pump of installation

Rotary vane vacuum pump should be placed horizontally. Similar to pump operation, almost no vibration is usually not fixed. There are metric screw holes on the vibration absorber pad at the bottom of rotary vane vacuum pump to fix the pump. Do not push and pull the pump on the ground to avoid damaging the vibration absorber pad.

In order to ensure good cooling of rotary vane vacuum pump, the inlet and outlet of cooling air should be more than 30 cm away from the surrounding objects. In order to facilitate maintenance, it is suggested to leave 0.4m gap in front of the intake and exhaust ports of rotary vane vacuum pump. A base with an oil disc can be installed for convenience of oil discharging.

Vacuum pumps carry no oil. After installation, the required vacuum pump oil is slowly injected through the filling port (see Maintenance 5.1) to 3/4 of the height of the oil window.

Single-phase 220V50HZ vacuum pump must ensure that the voltage is in the range of 220V + 10%. If the voltage is lower than 220V, it must be equipped with AC power regulator. Do not work under low and high voltage for a long time to avoid damaging the motor.

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