vacuum pump for thermoforming machine

Vacuum pump is the core part of the thermoforming machine. But why do you say that? Because the thermoforming machine is to use the vacuum suction produced by the vacuum pump to heat and soften the thermoplastic materials.

It can be said that the vacuum pump in the plastic suction machine is just like the engine in the car. A vacuum pump can determine the production effect of the plastic suction machine.

But when the vacuum pump is working, in order to obtain the vacuum, it is often operated for a long time, which, to a certain extent, causes energy waste.

Vacuum suction molding is one of the common vacuum pump applications, and it is also a common thermoforming method for the production of plastic packaging containers, which is widely used in the processing of packaging materials industry.

The whole set of blister thermoforming unit is generally composed of upper and lower heater, temperature controller, bearing plate, pressing frame, vacuum pump, vacuum chamber, mold temperature controller, cooling device, etc. The parameters are stored and controlled by computer, and the control is simple. When a certain type of product is produced, just call out the corresponding parameters.

Principle of vacuum Blister molding machine: Blister molding is also called thermoplastic molding. This molding process mainly uses the vacuum suction generated by vacuum pump to blister PVC, pet, PETG, APTT, PP, PE, PS and other thermoplastic sheets into various shapes of vacuum hood, blister tray, blister shell, etc. through the mold. At present, the common products on the market are: daily necessities blister packaging, hardware blister packaging, automotive supplies blister packaging, electronic products Blister packaging, food blister packaging, cosmetics blister packaging, computer peripheral equipment blister packaging, toys blister packaging, sports supplies blister packaging, stationery supplies blister packaging, etc. Its main structure is composed of feeding, pulling, electric heating furnace, lower gate, multi-functional adjustable size, lower die plate, upper die, upper gate, knife gate, slice, placing and equipped with vacuum device, etc.; with pneumatic device as the driving force source, its pulling and sending adopts electric, reducer, time relay, intermediate relay, travel switch and other electrical appliances to form a full-automatic control system. The requirement of the control system of the blister machine is to ensure convenient operation, high precision of mechanical action and temperature control, short production time, and save the power consumption of the machine as much as possible under the same production conditions.


In the vacuum pump market, the application of the vacuum pump of the plastic suction machine is particularly extensive. In the humid weather in the south, the materials used for plastic suction will have certain water evaporation after heating, which requires the matching vacuum pump to have the function of water removal:

1. When the vacuum pump is selected for the blister machine, the vacuum pump shall be selected according to the specific process, mainly referring to the following two main parameters:

2. Vacuum degree: the so-called vacuum degree is a way to express the degree of air thinness, usually expressed in units such as PA, MB, mmHg, etc.

3. After the molding of the Blister products, the product bubbles are mostly due to the vacuum degree can not meet the requirements, resulting in product defects. Compared with products with deep grooves, the requirements of vacuum degree are relatively high.

4. Flow: refers to the volume of fluid pumped by vacuum pump through closed pipeline or effective section in unit time, commonly m3 / h, L / s, 5. Vacuum flow is an important sign to measure suction. When selecting vacuum pump, we should pay attention to the specification and thickness of the product to calculate the amount of air to be pumped out in an hour or a minute, so as to determine the amount of vacuum pump that needs to be pumped.

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