vacuum pump gaskets for selection criteria

Vacuum pump for asbestos free gasket

It adopts 100% asbestos free material, which is completely free of asbestos, and has passed many certification including RoHS, which can meet the environmental requirements of various countries and abroad. According to the requirements, both sides can be treated with anti adhesion, which can be widely used in static sealing of various pumps in vacuum pump industry.

Vacuum pump for asbestos free gasket

Vacuum pump gasket for technical standard
Any standard and non-standard sizes are available, including ASME, DIN, JIS, and other standards. Can provide round, square and other special shape gasket, and according to the need to provide a variety of radiator gasket, compressor gasket, gasoline engine gasket, etc.

Vacuum pump gasket performance characteristics:
1. It has good compression and resilience performance, high torque and tensile strength.
2. The material has high density and strong compactness.
3. 100% asbestos free, meeting the environmental requirements of European and American countries.
4. The design of sealing line is helpful to enhance the initial assembly pressure of gasket.

vacuum pump

Sealing mechanism of gasket:
Leakage refers to the phenomenon that the medium flows from the inside to the outside of the limited space, or enters into the interior of the limited space from the outside, which is the phenomenon that people do not want to happen. The root cause of the leakage is that there is a gap on the contact surface, and the pressure difference and concentration difference on both sides of the contact surface are the driving force of the leakage.

Due to the influence of sealing surface form and machining accuracy, it is inevitable that there is a gap on the sealing surface, which will cause the sealing surface not fully coincide and leak. In order to reduce the leakage, it is necessary to make the contact surface chimeric to the greatest extent, that is to reduce the cross-sectional area of the leakage channel, increase the leakage resistance, and make it greater than the leakage driving force.

Applying tight compression load to the sealing surface to produce compacting stress can improve the contact degree of the sealing surface. When the stress is increased enough to cause obvious plastic deformation on the surface, it can fill the gap between the sealing surface and plug the leakage channel.

The purpose of using gasket is to make use of the characteristics of the gasket material which is easy to produce plastic deformation under the action of compression load, so as to fill up the small uneven surface of the flange sealing surface, so as to realize the sealing.

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