Vacuum pump in power plant

The vacuum pump used in power plant mainly includes centrifugal vacuum pump and water ring vacuum pump. Their working principles are similar, but their implementation methods are different. Water ring vacuum pump is widely used because of its advantages of safe use, simple operation, economic operation, reliable operation, small contact area of dynamic and static parts, no oil lubrication, low operating noise, compact structure, etc.

The vacuum pumping system has the advantages of simple pipeline layout, small floor area and minimum civil engineering construction. It can be put into commercial operation only by connecting the pipeline, gas source and power supply, and can save a lot of water resources.

Water ring vacuum pump has axial suction and exhaust and radial suction and exhaust. The advantages of axial suction and exhaust are simple structure and convenient maintenance; the disadvantages are large hydraulic loss and low pump efficiency. The advantages of radial suction and exhaust are small hydraulic loss and high pump efficiency; the disadvantages are complex structure of gas distributor and high machining and installation accuracy.

We introduce all the technology of German Siemens company to design and manufacture. It is the supporting equipment for the production of domestic steam turbine generator units. The operation practice shows that the domestic equipment can replace the imported equipment, and the domestic equipment has more price advantage than the imported equipment. It is precisely because of the performance and price advantages that water ring vacuum pump system is widely used not only in 300, 600 MW and above units, but also in many high-pressure and ultra-high pressure small and medium-sized units in recent years, in order to replace the original water injection and air extraction system, bringing long-term benefits to the power plant.


Vacuum pump in power plant

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