Vacuum pump rebuilding service & cost

How to transform the existing vacuum pump into a vacuum system? What does it do? How much is it?

How to construct, transform and design the vacuum pump into a vacuum system? What’s the use of a vacuum system?

Vacuum system, is the integration of multiple vacuum pumps division of labor cooperation, or mutual coordination and collocation; Reduce a certain amount of resources when obtaining the required pumping speed or vacuum. Its advantage lies in the integrated work, the integration of multiple vacuum pumps into a whole, improve efficiency at the same time, reduce maintenance costs, operating resources and other advantages. In the design of the vacuum system of crude vacuum, most of the integration cases bring a series of advantages such as reducing energy consumption, reducing maintenance cost, reducing the purchase cost of vacuum pump equipment, reducing manual maintenance and operation cost, improving the environment of machine room, reducing noise and so on. Vacuum pumps in more than 2, can be built, transformed into a vacuum system.

Vaco vacuum has been engaged in the design and installation of coarse vacuum, high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum systems for many years, and has a series of rich professional knowledge and application experience. We can design and modify your company’s liquid ring pump, rotating vane pump and one pump for one production equipment. The rates are as follows:

Vacuum pump rebuilding service & cost

Vacuum pump rebuilding service & cost

1. If it is necessary to increase the vacuum pump, give the quotation of the vacuum pump and charge the cost of increasing the vacuum pump;

2. Materials. Including: piping, electronic control module, vacuum gauge, other accessories details accessories;

3. Labor and technology costs

How to transform the existing vacuum pump into a vacuum system?

In the case of a customer, there are 100 oil presses (for silica gel buttons and remote control buttons) in the customer’s workshop, and each machine corresponds to a vacuum pump. (pump configuration is described below). In addition, each machine has two vacuum cavities, which are used for vacuumizing. The vacuumizing time of a single cavity is about 20 liters, and the vacuumizing time is 20 seconds per time. Then the machine stops for about 1 minute for feeding. On average, it works 10 hours a day, and the vacuum pump oil and filter element need to be replaced every 3 months.

The data obtained are as follows:

Vacuum pump configuration:

EVP vacuum machine SV

Pumping speed: after 100 m/h

Vacuum degree: 0.5mbar

Power: 3KW/h 380V

Oil filling capacity: 2.5l

Known SV – type three – phase electricity in this area, 0.7 yuan KWH

Bulk purchase of vacuum pump oil, about 58 yuan/l

The vacuum pump replaces 4 exhaust filter elements at 150 RMB per filter element.

One oil filter element per machine, 45 yuan/one for bulk purchase.

Therefore, it can be concluded that the annual maintenance and operation costs of the customer before the vacuum system is transformed are as follows:

Vacuum pump oil: 100 sets * 2.5l/set *58 yuan/liter =14500 yuan/three months / 1 year cost: 14500 yuan *4 times = 58,000 yuan/year

Exhaust filter element: 100 sets *4 pieces/set *150 yuan/piece =60000 yuan/three months/year cost: 60000*4 times =240000 yuan/year

Oil filter element: 100 sets *1 set *45 yuan/set =4500 yuan/three months 1 year cost: 4500*4 times = 18,000 yuan/year

Electricity cost: 100 sets *10 hours/day *30 days/month *3 months *0.7 yuan/KWH *3Kw=189000 yuan / 3 months 1 year electricity cost: 756000 yuan

The total annual maintenance and operation cost of the vacuum pump is about RMB 1074000. This does not include the cost of failure maintenance of the vacuum pump, the cost of replacement of parts and consumables aging, and it does not work continuously 360 days a year. Can carry on comparison according to theory value, reference!

How to design a vacuum system to reduce operating costs? How much can you reduce your expenses? Now, for the vacuum system, we make the following design.

For 100 sets of oil presses, customers are placed in three floors. 40 oil presses on the first floor; 30 on the second floor; 30 on the third floor. So we have three systems. (we have also considered to build a set of vacuum system, but too thick pipeline is not conducive to the old plant construction of this customer, and the cost is expensive)

Since the previous vacuum pump is placed on the equipment, now after the integration, take up more space. The customer also wants to reduce the overall temperature and noise of the workshop, so they can only put it in the machine room on the roof, and use pipelines to lay and connect the equipment.

Design of the first vacuum system:

Previously, it is known that the vacuum chamber of each oil press is 20 liters. Then the vacuum volume required by 40 oil presses is: 40 *2 cavities *10 l/chamber =800 l/s.

It is known that the pumping speed of SV type vacuum pump is 27.8 l /s.

Then, it can be concluded that the pumping flow required by 40 oil presses at the same time is 3000m /h

Thus, 30 SV type vacuum pumps can be configured.

The cost of constructing the first set of vacuum system (including control module, pipeline, gas storage tank, construction and design labor cost, etc.) is about 300,000 yuan

Then the total annual cost of oil, electricity and filter element of the vacuum pump for this set of vacuum system is (the calculation method is the same as above) : RMB 203200

The second and third vacuum systems have the same configuration

The vacuum volume required for a set of 30 oil presses is: 30 *2 cavities *10 l/s =600 l/s

Therefore, the maximum vacuum flow rate of 30 oil presses at the same time is 2460m /h

Thus, about 25 SV vacuum pumps are needed.

The total cost of building the second and third vacuum systems is about 520,000 yuan.

Then the total annual cost of oil, electricity and filter element of the vacuum pump for this set of vacuum system is (the calculation method is the same as the above) : RMB 170400 *2 sets = RMB 340,800

The annual cost of the three vacuum systems is 544,000 yuan.

About 1074000-544000=530000 yuan. This shows that the customer can save rmb530,000 a year.

However, the original vacuum pump in the process of operation, must be maintained with the equipment continued boot state. However, after the construction and transformation of the vacuum system, the control module can be designed as follows:

1. When the vacuum of the gas storage part reaches the set upper limit, the control module will stop every 2 vacuum pumps every 5 seconds to maintain the pressure;

2. When the vacuum degree of the gas storage part is lower than the set lower limit, the control module will automatically start every 5 sets and build a 3-second step to obtain the required pressure;

3. In the vacuum system, at least 20 machines shall work continuously to ensure the pipeline leakage rate and meet the vacuum demand of some machines. Of course, in the actual application process, not all of them need to be vacuumized at the same time, some of them need to be fed, fed and other operations;

4. For the vacuum pump in pressure-maintaining operation, the 20 pumps can be operated in turn when the vacuum degree reaches the upper limit. Properly relieve the continuous working pressure of the vacuum pump. It is beneficial to reduce the temperature of pump body and prolong the service time of vacuum pump oil.

5. When a vacuum pump in the vacuum system fails, it will automatically stop power and give an alarm. Remind equipment maintenance personnel to carry out maintenance. The standby pump is also enabled to meet the normal operation of the vacuum system.

6. Due to the integration of three sets of vacuum systems, the operation during startup and shutdown is quite tedious. It can also be integrated with one key to start, and the interactive interface of the adult machine can be designed. In the workshop, each set of vacuum system can be monitored and managed. Of course, to meet such a function, need to spend a certain additional cost.

Therefore, when the vacuum system is built, the operating cost can be reduced by at least 30%. About the annual maintenance and operation costs, the customer’s actual expenses are about 54,400 *30%= 380,800 yuan. Actual annual cost reduction for customers is about 1074,000-380,800 = 693,200 yuan. The customer can basically recover the construction cost of the vacuum system in about 1 year, and the second year will start to reduce the expenditure continuously. A vacuum system, on the other hand, can last at least 30 years.

Conclusion: no matter how many vacuum pumps are used by users, the design or transformation of vacuum system can greatly reduce the operating cost for enterprises.

This case is only the rotary vane vacuum pump, which is widely used in the rough vacuum system. What are the advantages of a high vacuum, a high vacuum system? You can pay attention to the company’s official website industry news, or directly search the company’s official website you need to know the keywords can. If you still don’t understand, email


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