Vacuum pumps types

What are the types of vacuum pumps?

According to the working principle of vacuum pump, vacuum pump can be basically divided into two types, namely, gas transfer pump and gas capture pump. Gas transfer pump is a kind of vacuum pump which can make gas continuously inhaled and discharged to achieve the purpose of pumping. There are basically two types of pumps:
Variable volume vacuum pump (reciprocating vacuum pump, rotary vacuum pump);
Momentum transfer pump (molecular vacuum pump, sheet metal file cabinet editing and analysis jet vacuum pump, diffusion pump, diffusion jet pump, ion transfer pump).

How to classify vacuum pump

Vacuum pump is a kind of sealed container and vacuum equipment which is extracted by mechanical or physical chemical methods, and is essentially a vacuum obtaining equipment. Different types of vacuum pumps have different characteristics to adapt to different operating environment and working conditions. Let’s talk about the classification of vacuum pump

First, according to the structure, it can be divided into mechanical vacuum pump and jet vacuum pump. For all kinds of vacuum equipment, all mechanical movement (rotation or sliding) changing the volume of pump suction container and vacuum pump is usually referred to as mechanical vacuum pump. The mechanical volume vacuum pump changes the volume of the pump chamber through mechanical movement, so as to achieve the effect of mechanical volume vacuum pump. These pumps include reciprocating vacuum pump, rotary mechanical pump (including rotary pump, screw pump, roots pump, liquid ring pump, etc.). This type of pump in addition to mechanical pumps commonly used separately.

Secondly, according to the working principle, it can be divided into gas delivery vacuum pump and gas capture vacuum pump. Gas delivery pump is a kind of vacuum pump which can make gas suction and discharge continuously to achieve the goal of suction. There are two types of vacuum pump: variable volume vacuum pump and momentum transfer pump. Gas trapping pump is a kind of vacuum pump, which makes gas molecules adsorb or agglomerate on the inner surface of the pump, so as to reduce the number of gas molecules in the container and achieve the purpose of suction. Piston vacuum pump, rotary vane vacuum pump, vacuum pump, screw vacuum pump, vacuum pump, diffusion pump injection pump and other typical types.

Finally, according to the vacuum degree, the pressure range of vacuum technology can reach 100 ~ 10 ~ 16 kPa. Such a wide range of pressures can be obtained in addition to a coarse vacuum and a low vacuum using a vacuum pump, high vacuum above must be applied to two or more vacuum pump completion units in the field. From high / Ultra vacuum to coarse / low vacuum, according to the vacuum degree, the vacuum pump can be roughly divided into high / Ultra vacuum low temperature pump, molecular pump, sputter ion pump, titanium sublimation pump, diffusion pump, medium vacuum dry pump, two-stage rotary vane pump, roots pump, booster pump, water vapor jet pump, coarse / low vacuum single-stage rotary vane pump, slide valve pump, liquid ring pump and reciprocating vacuum pump.

The jet vacuum pump consists of a nozzle, a suction chamber and a diffuser. It has no moving parts of its own and uses fluids to transfer energy and mass. It uses a working fluid with a certain pressure to spew the nozzle at high speed and generates a vacuum through the energy conversion at the outlet of the nozzle, thus leading to the extraction medium. After mixing the two media, the energy is exchanged in the diffuser and then slightly released above atmospheric pressure. This type of pump is steam jet pump, air jet pump, water jet pump and diffusion pump.

Vacuum pumps types

Vacuum pumps types

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