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To introduce the Vietnamese vacuum pump supplier, supply a screw vacuum pump.

Vietnam vacuum pump supplier

Screw vacuum pump features

1. There is no medium in the working cavity, so a clean vacuum can be obtained.

2. Anticorrosive coating on the surface of working cavity and screw can adapt to bad working conditions.

3. Dry operation of working chamber. Suitable for removing dust-containing gas and suspicious gas. ,

4. A single pump can continuously drain the atmosphere, pumping from the atmosphere to below the maximum full pressure of 5Pa. The vacuum system can be greatly simplified.

5. No friction between rotating parts, thus long service life.

6. High precision dynamic balance, high speed operation, smooth work, small volume of the whole machine.

Compared with multi-stage claw pump, the structure is simple, compact, less parts, more stable operation and more convenient maintenance.

8. Compared with the oil-sealed mechanical vacuum pump, suspicious substances will not stay in the pump.

9. Compared with the water ring pump, the required cooling water is in contact with the pumped gas. There is no sewage discharge.

10. Compared with liquid ring pump, the ultimate pressure is lower, thus energy consumption can be saved.

11. It can be combined with roots pump and molecular pump to form oil-free unit.

Four major factors affecting the working efficiency of screw vacuum pump

With the development of vacuum application, screw vacuum pump is widely used in pharmaceutical, chemical, semiconductor and other applications. In the process of development people are constantly improving the screw vacuum pump to achieve high efficiency operation screw vacuum pump

So today, generally affect the screw vacuum pump work efficiency of four major factors:

1, screw vacuum pump – circulation system cooling circulating water

Screw vacuum pump cold circulating water supply is not enough, the cooler will be hot, cyclonic sound increased, vacuum degree reduced, so that steam will return into the suction bronchus. In the multi-stage screw vacuum pump, the temperature of condensate is less than the fruity temperature of the working pressure, condensate can make the steam enough and cold, the partial pressure of steam in the working pressure of the screw vacuum pump must be higher than the corresponding fruity saturated vapor pressure

2, screw vacuum pump – application of natural environment

Refers to the screw vacuum pump operation of management system of environmental pollution by the smoke gas, the liquid steel processing in the whole process, the liquid steel will release a lot of gas, together will also have a tiny part of the small particles, such as air oxidation and vermicelli was sucked into the screw vacuum pump, can deposit adhesion on the screw vacuum pump pump shell, reduce smoke flow guide bronchial road, increase vacuum time, reduce the screw vacuum pump vacuum effect

3, screw vacuum pump – nozzle

The nozzle of screw vacuum pump is the key component that harms the characteristics of screw vacuum pump. Not only because the residual iron pin and welding penetration in the steam pipe will block the nozzle when the steam pipe is installed, but also because the steam pipe is easy to rust when the software of the screw vacuum pump system is stopped, and the rust will fall and block the nozzle when it is applied

4, screw vacuum pump – vapor working pressure

The steam working pressure of screw vacuum pump is slightly lower and the working pressure fluctuation, has an impact on the screw vacuum pump, but the commonly used screw vacuum pump design has been fixed, too much steam working pressure is not easy to improve the screw vacuum pump pumping air supply and vacuum degree. Another, to ensure the supply and demand balance of heating furnace steam working pressure is stable

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