Dry Vacuum Pump used in Vacuum Distillation Tower Application

There are two types of vacuum pump equipment in the vacuum distillation tower: mechanical vacuum pump and steam ejector. Although the latter has been widely used, but it has the following shortcomings, dry vacuum pumps can achieve the same effect.

The application of dry vacuum pump in vacuum distillation tower is described as follows:

Although the vacuum tower stripping can improve the extraction rate, it also has some shortcomings: large steam consumption, large gas phase overlap in the tower, large overlap of the condenser at the top of the tower, and large sewage volume.

If the vacuum at the top of the tower can be increased, the pressure drop in the tower can be reduced, and the same effect of increasing the vacuum rate can be achieved when the stripping steam is not applicable. Dry vacuum system using dry vacuum pump, dry vacuum distillation is called dry vacuum distillation.

The above content is about the application of dry vacuum pumps in vacuum distillation towers. I believe you will have a certain understanding after reading it. This vacuum distillation method has good application effects and application prospects, and is widely used in the oil refining industry.

Dry vacuum pump of comparison of different types

Dry vacuum pumps occupy an advantageous position in the vacuum pump market with their superior performance. As a new type of non-friction gap sealing dry vacuum pump, it has good drainage and dust drainage performance and low failure rate. In fact, this is due to its scientific manufacturing technology. With the needs of users, different types of vacuum pumps continue to emerge. However, in order to facilitate the user’s choice, different types of vacuum pumps are compared.

1. Dry screw vacuum pump: The pumping speed of commercial products is 15-150l/s, and the vacuum limit can reach 1pA. Generally a horizontal structure. It is suitable for relatively clean environments such as electronics and vacuum coating, and has a high failure rate in the chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. High-precision processing equipment such as CNC thread milling and CNC thread grinding are more popular in foreign countries, and the screw and rotor machining accuracy is high and the quality is good. The vast majority of domestic companies do not have foreign processing conditions. Usually, the screw rotor is processed by a CNC lathe, which greatly reduces the machining accuracy and quality of the screw rotor. The quality and service life of the whole machine are different from those of foreign products.

Dry screw vacuum pump

2. Claw-shaped rotor dry vacuum pump: At present, this type of dry vacuum pump has been commercialized, with a pumping speed of 4-150l/s and a vacuum limit of 1-3pa. It is divided into horizontal and vertical structures. The horizontal structure is suitable for relatively clean environments, such as electronics, vacuum coating and other industries; the vertical structure is suitable for extracting dust, entrained liquefied gas and condensate gas.

3. Dry screw vacuum pump: The current commercial products of this type of dry vacuum pump have a pumping speed of 1-15l/s. Currently, there is no product exceeding 15L/s, and the vacuum limit can reach 1pA. The pump is suitable for clean environment and cannot be used to extract dusty gas and liquid. The production equipment of vortex discs is demanding, the process is complicated, the localized processing is difficult to meet the accuracy requirements, and the assembly and debugging procedures are complicated and difficult.

Dry screw vacuum pump

From these three different types of dry vacuum pumps, it can be seen that the performance of the equipment is relatively good, and the requirements for its manufacturing process are relatively strict. When using, you should choose equipment suitable for your own situation for production.

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