oil rotary vane vacuum system in medical center industry application advantages

Application Advantages of Oil Rotary Vane Vacuum System in Medical Center Industry

1. The oil-type rotary vane vacuum pump is an inevitable trend in the future to replace the water ring vacuum pump in the medical center attracting industry with superior performance advantages, and is also an industry standard in line with international medical treatment.

2. The oil-type rotary vane vacuum pump constitutes a negative pressure station for the medical center suction system. With the advantages of simpler connection, higher performance, and more environmental protection and energy saving, it has been accepted and recognized by more and more hospitals in China in recent years. The connection is simple, natural air-cooled, no circulating water cooling, saving floor space and water cost. Colleagues also solved a series of problems that the water ring vacuum pump needs to handle the disinfection and sterilization of medical waste-water to meet the discharge standard.

3. Because the oil sealing performance is much higher than the sealing performance of the water ring pump water, the oil type rotary vane vacuum pump has a high vacuum pump and a high pumping speed, and quickly reaches the upper limit of the medical vacuum requirement in a short time, and the operation time is short and energy saving. . At the same time, the performance is stable, the failure rate is extremely low, and the maintenance is more convenient.

Medical vacuum pump unit

The central vacuum station consists of two or two vacuum pumps (one operation, one standby or two operation, one standby) depending on the number of use of each medical unit, and a vacuum canister and automatic control circuit device of a considerable capacity. It consists of pipes and various accessories, suctions of each terminal, etc. When the negative pressure in the vacuum tank reaches -0.07mpa, the vacuum machine automatically stops running, and when the negative pressure in the vacuum tank is used to -0.04MPa, the vacuum machine starts automatically. From the central vacuum suction station, through the pipeline to the ward, use the adjustable aspirator to match the suction negative pressure collection bottle.

oil type rotary vane vacuum pump main technical parameters:
1. Maximum pumping capacity: depending on the demand, depending on the selected vacuum pump
2. Terminal negative pressure value: generally -0.03Mpa ~ -0.08 Mpa
3. System pipeline hourly leakage rate average 1% (GB standard 1.8%)
4. The vacuum pump is started and closed, and the manual is automatically selected.
5. The terminal is plugged and self-sealing quick connector, which is convenient and reliable.
main feature
1. A single-stage rotary oil circulating vacuum pump set is used as a negative pressure source in the vacuum station.
2. The start and stop of the vacuum pump adopts fully automatic control, which realizes unattended operation.
3. Single-stage rotary oil circulating vacuum pump has the characteristics of stable vacuum, low noise, water saving, power saving, low failure rate and convenient maintenance.
4. The negative pressure value of each ward can be monitored.
Therefore, it is especially suitable for operating rooms, rescue rooms, intensive care units and inpatient wards.

oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pump

Applicable to the medical center to attract oil-type rotary vane vacuum pump in the industry. It is mainly SV single-stage rotary vane pump of Shanghai Kanter vacuum, equipped with vacuum tank/pipe/valve/pressure gauge, etc. The following are the real pictures. Or if you have any questions, please feel free to contact our technical team and serve you 24 hours a day.

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