Piston vacuum pump technology

Posted on Tue, 21 Aug 2018 03:11:45 +0000

Piston vacuum pump is a product with excellent quality, excellent performance, high reliability and reasonable price. It has been sold to Europe, the United States, Japan and more than a dozen advanced countries, and most of the direct use of customer recognition and affirmation. This series of p...

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What is oil rotary vane vacuum pump?

Posted on Tue, 21 Aug 2018 02:24:01 +0000

What is vacuum? Vacuum is a state of space in which no matter exists. In fact, in vacuum technology, vacuum is directed against the atmosphere. Industrial vacuum refers to the space of gases whose pressure is less than the standard atmospheric pressure. Generally speaking, it refers to the rarene...

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Maintenance of Roots vacuum pump unit

Posted on Mon, 20 Aug 2018 02:53:57 +0000

Roots Pump-Water ring pump unit is widely used in vacuum distillation, vacuum evaporation, dehydration and crystallization in chemical industry; freeze drying in food industry; vacuum drying in pharmaceutical industry; polyester chips in light textile industry; high altitude simulation test and o...

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vacuum pump ultimate pressure

Posted on Mon, 20 Aug 2018 02:22:32 +0000

The function of the vacuum pump is to extract gas molecules from the vacuum chamber, reduce the pressure of the gas in the vacuum chamber, so as to achieve the required vacuum. The function of the vacuum pump is to extract gas molecules from the vacuum chamber, reduce the pressure of the gas in t...

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What is the piston vacuum pump

Posted on Fri, 17 Aug 2018 02:56:25 +0000

Piston Vacuum Pump is a kind of variable capacity gas transmission pump. It has the advantages of good energy saving effect, high vacuum and large pumping capacity. In addition, compared with rotary pump, the durability of the slide valve pump has more advantages. What is the piston vacuum pump:...

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Oil diffusion pump operation

Posted on Fri, 17 Aug 2018 02:10:50 +0000

Oil diffusion pump is a vacuum pump using low pressure, high speed and directional flow of oil vapor jet. The limit vacuum of this pump is 10-4-10-5 Pa, the working pressure range is 10-1-10-4 Pa, the pumping speed range is several hundred thousand liters/sec (1 liter = 10-3 m 3). Oil diffusion p...

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2SK liquid ring vacuum pump

Posted on Thu, 16 Aug 2018 03:09:05 +0000

The 2SK-P1 series two-stage liquid ring vacuum pump-air jet pump unit mainly works under the adiabatic pressure of 10-50mmHg, but its efficiency is low in the high vacuum region. If the Roots water-ring vacuum unit is needed for long-term operation, the best pumping efficiency in the high vacuum ...

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Water Ring Vacuum System

Posted on Thu, 16 Aug 2018 02:29:35 +0000

Water ring vacuum pump unit when use in addition to the matters should pay attention to the use of it, you also need to pay attention to its using steps, in order to better use of the product, we’ll need it to have a general understanding of the use of requirements, in addition to the under...

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Screw pump of technology

Posted on Wed, 15 Aug 2018 02:45:12 +0000

At present, the development of various vacuum pumps is increasingly affected by vacuum applications. The general vacuum system can not meet the requirements of clean and oil-free corrosion resistance. Therefore, in recent years, the market demand of dry vacuum pumps is very large. Vacuum products...

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Vacuum pump curve

Posted on Wed, 15 Aug 2018 02:02:09 +0000

The stator curve of the vacuum pump has a direct impact on its pumping rate and other performance parameters. Therefore, it is very important to obtain an excellent stator curve for the vacuum pump planning. Regarding the stator curve of vacuum pump, there are the following requirements: 1. Suita...

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