Vacuum system improvement of vacuum freezing chamber

Updated vacuum system solution for vacuum cooling chamber

We have one America customer, who are manufacturer of vacuum cooling chamber. In past days, they used the roots blower and two stage piston vacuum pump as complete vacuum system. But there are some issue as they said:

In the freeze process, there will be much water vapor at the vacuum degree 50 torr abs- 4 torr abs. This water vapor will emulsify vacuum oil of piston pump, then it will destroy the seal and gasket of piston pump. It lead to the vacuum become low and decrease the service and maintain cost. They have to change the vacuum oil and require kits regularly. Pls kindly check the original vacuum system as below:

vacuum system

vacuum system

For this project, we have two solution to update the original system. One is roots pump and liquid ring vacuum pump system. Liquid ring vacuum pump work as fore pump of the main roots blower. Water vapor will be absorbed, because liquid ring vacuum pump use water as working liquid. In vacuum cooling chamber, the medium is air and water vapor, normal cast iron material liquid ring vacuum pump is ok. So we dont need to maintain liquid ring vacuum pump very frequently, and dont need to buy the vacuum oil. For smaller roots blower, we suggest customer use our DLV double stage liquid ring vacuum pump, for big roots pump( capacity is bigger than 2000cfm), we suggest our model 2BE1 single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps. Pls kindly check the pictures as below:

2BE1 single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps

2BE1 single stage liquid ring vacuum pumps

The other solution is roots pump and dry screw vacuum pump system. Dry screw pump work as the fore pump in this system. Dry screw pump dont need the oil as working liquid and it can offer clear vacuum, so it will avoid the problem of piston vacuum pump well. Our LG dry screw vacuum pump capacity range is 50l/s to 360l/s. If the roots blower( roots booster) pumping speed is big, i suggest use the 3 stage system or more stage roots pump system.

dry screw vacuum pump system

dry screw vacuum pump system

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