Why vacuum coating should be coated under vacuum conditions?

Posted on Mon, 30 Oct 2023 01:41:35 +0000

When they first learn about or come into contact with the vacuum coating machine industry, many people are curious as to why the evaporation vacuum coating equipment must evaporate materials in a vacuum state, and the vacuum plating must meet certain standards. I will introduce it to you in detai...

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The Effect of Target Materials on Vacuum Coating

Posted on Wed, 25 Oct 2023 01:39:40 +0000

The main influencing factors of target working stability in vacuum coating: Material selection: Different applications require different types of target materials, such as metals, ceramics, semiconductors, etc. The target material must have sufficient heat resistance and chemical stability to mai...

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Screw pump can pump hydrogen/oxygen gas

Posted on Thu, 31 Aug 2023 05:43:41 +0000

The temperature change during the compression of gas in the cavity of a screw pump is very small, which can be considered as isothermal compression, so it can pump flammable and explosive gases. If the medium contains particulate matter, a filter like the one shown in the figure below can also be...

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Vacuum Angle Valve Of Principle And Application Scope

Posted on Wed, 26 Jul 2023 05:53:51 +0000

The vacuum angle valve is sealed by the valve plate moving up and down through the valve stem. The drive components that drive the stem have three ways of manual, manual and electric, pneumatic and so on. Manual transmission components, mainly threaded structure, flat cam structure can also be us...

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Several classic methods to improve vacuum pump performance

Posted on Thu, 20 Jul 2023 07:26:27 +0000

It can be seen from the description of the vacuum pump that there are many measures to improve the performance of the vacuum pump. This article only lists several typical methods in the application process. Regarding the method of improving the performance of the vacuum pump in terms of design, s...

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vacuum freeze drying

Posted on Mon, 17 Jul 2023 06:23:47 +0000

In the field of food preservation, scientific advances have paved the way for innovative technologies that preserve the natural flavor, nutrients and mouthfeel of a wide variety of products. Vacuum freeze drying is one such popular technique. Vacuum freeze dryers, also known as freeze dryers, off...

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FJ-300 molecular pump unit

Posted on Fri, 09 Jun 2023 01:48:54 +0000

The FJ-300 molecular pump unit is a vacuum obtaining product assembled by a compound molecular pump, a backing pump, an ultra-high vacuum baffle valve, a vacuum measurement system and stainless steel pipelines, and is used to obtain high vacuum and ultra-high vacuum working environments. , and de...

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perflurane FFKM rubber seals

Posted on Fri, 02 Jun 2023 06:06:43 +0000

Performance requirements and applications of perflurane FFKM rubber seals Perfluoroether rubber refers to the terpolymer of tetrafluoroethylene, perfluorinated methyl vinyl ether and perfluoroalkene ether, also known as perfluororubber, which is a kind of rubber that does not contain C-H bonds at...

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Questions and answers about dry screw vacuum pumps

Posted on Wed, 24 May 2023 07:57:06 +0000

1.What are the precautions for the test run of the dry screw vacuum pump? Before the test run, check whether the maintenance quality meets the quality standards, and whether the records are complete and accurate; the cranking is light and free without jamming; the packing gland is not deflected, ...

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Let your vacuum equipment work healthily and happily

Posted on Fri, 10 Feb 2023 07:02:14 +0000

A key feature of a diffusion pump is that it is durable and will last for many years if used and maintained properly. Be sure to use original pump oil The spray tower and heating power of the diffusion pump are designed for special oil products, and its performance parameters such as pumping spee...

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