Can EVP 2BE3-300 water ring vacuum pump replace the Siemens 2BE3-300 model?

Posted on Thu, 21 Apr 2022 01:55:52 +0000

The 2BE3-300 water ring vacuum pump produced by EVP company can replace the Siemens 2BE3-300 vacuum pump. For this model, our company can produce: conventional cast iron (see the table below for details), stainless steel 304 material, stainless steel 316 (or 316L)material, or even titanium or d...

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Can liquid ring compressor achieve negative pressure on its suction port?

Posted on Tue, 19 Apr 2022 05:34:29 +0000

Liquid ring pumps are available in single-stage and double-stage designs, and can also be configured as compressors, such as 2BE, and we also specialized in compressors such as SY/2SY,LRC for more versatility. A single set compressor can reach up to 7barG. The principle of Liquid ring compressor...

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vacuum pump in the production of ketene of application

Posted on Mon, 18 Apr 2022 01:54:31 +0000

Ketene is an organic compound with a chemical formula of C2H2O. It is the simplest ketene. It is a toxic gas at room temperature and is very unstable. It can only be stored at low temperature. At 0 °C, a polymerization reaction can occur. Ketene is a colorless gas; it has a pungent odor similar t...

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Liquid ring vacuum pump for steel degassing process

Posted on Fri, 15 Apr 2022 06:21:37 +0000

The vacuum degassing of molten steel is a key operation in secondary steel-making, which can quickly and effectively remove the dissolved impurity gases (mainly hydrogen and carbon monoxide) in the molten steel and reduce the dissolved carbon content in the molten steel, thereby improving the qua...

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Vacuum Units in Short Path Distillation Applications of Importance

Posted on Tue, 12 Apr 2022 01:58:13 +0000

Many materials are often heat-sensitive, viscous and/or have high boiling point properties, such as heavy petroleum residues, chemicals, medicines and natural foods, health products, fatty acids, etc. If we want to separate and purify the components of these materials It is necessary to maintain ...

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How to select Rotary vane pump for vacuum forming ?

Posted on Mon, 11 Apr 2022 02:24:36 +0000

Vacuum forming is a kind of plastic processing technology. The main principle is to heat the flat plastic sheet and soften it, then use vacuum to adsorb it on the surface of the mold and form it after cooling. The common vacuum forming method has concave mold vacuum forming and punch mold vacuum ...

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SUS 304 impeller of service life

Posted on Fri, 08 Apr 2022 03:10:08 +0000

EVP company developed the two stage liquid ring vacuum pump DLV seires are adopted the stainless steel 304 material impeller. If the pumped meidum composition will not produce any corrosion for SS 304 material, and the water temperature is not too high to cavitation,then the service life will be ...

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Can 2BE water ring pump rotate in CCW Rotation?

Posted on Wed, 06 Apr 2022 02:58:35 +0000

From the driving end, the rotation direction of the pump pulley is generally the rotation direction of the pump, usually it is clockwise. When the impeller rotates clockwise, the water entering the pump body is thrown around by the impeller. Due to centrifugal force, the water forms a closed wate...

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Is fruit freeze drying the same as fruit cooling & preservation?

Posted on Mon, 04 Apr 2022 02:25:07 +0000

Fruit freeze-drying and fruit cooling & preservation are different. Fruit freeze-drying requires a condenser (usually provided by the freeze dryer manufacturer) between the cavity and the pump to condense water and prevent water from entering the pump. Generally, 2XZ series double-stage oil-s...

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Oil ring vacuum pump in oil refining industry

Posted on Fri, 01 Apr 2022 03:39:13 +0000

If use water as working liquid in the application of oil refining, the pumped medium can easily react with the working fluid to form crystallization, resulting in damage to the mechanical seal and leakage of the working fluid. It is recommended to replace the working fluid with oil. This type of ...

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