Magnetic Drive Roots Pump

Posted on Mon, 21 Feb 2022 07:49:21 +0000

Our common Roots pumps now have the following models: ZJP-70 (70L/s), ZJ/ZJP-150 (150L/s), ZJ/ZJP-300 (300L/s), ZJ/ZJP-600 (600L/s) , ZJ/ZJP-1200 (1200L/s), ZJP-2500 (2500L/s) Among them, only ZJP-70 is air-cooled, and the others are water-cooled. The water-cooled main cooling is the skeleton oi...

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Vacuum pump in freeze drying industry

Posted on Fri, 18 Feb 2022 05:56:20 +0000

Freeze drying can choose different pumps according to the size of the chamber, the required vacuum, food or industrial products. The following are our selection suggestions. When the chamber size of freeze dryer is small: 2XZ, EVP series scroll pump. When the chamber is relatively large: 2/2H sli...

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Dry Screw Vacuum Pump of Sewage Outlet

Posted on Wed, 02 Feb 2022 06:23:05 +0000

Circled in the figure below is dry screw vacuum pump’s sewage outlet, which is used for purging waste liquid discharge: If the application is not for solvent recovery, then simply place a bucket under this port to collect the waste through the purification system. If the customer’s applicat...

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What pressure can the liquid ring compressor achieve? 1bar, 2bar, 5bar, 7bar, 15bar???

Posted on Mon, 31 Jan 2022 08:40:53 +0000

The liquid ring compressor is a positive displacement compressor, which directly depends on changing the gas volume to increase the gas pressure. The characteristics of the liquid ring compressor are simple structure, easy manufacture, simple operation, few wearing parts, and small exhaust pulsat...

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What is the difference between LG and LGB?  Is there a difference in vacuum?

Posted on Thu, 27 Jan 2022 02:24:03 +0000

LG and LGB series dry screw vacuum pumps can manage both condensable vapors and some solids with no residue. They offer a number of advantages over the traditional vacuum pump designs. There’s is “NO OIL NO WATER” in contact with the process vapors, so therefore they are conside...

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Which series of liquid ring vacuum pump can not do double mechanical seal ?

Posted on Wed, 26 Jan 2022 07:34:31 +0000

The model from 2BV2 060 to model 2BV2-071 monoblock type liquid ring vacuum pumps can not do double mechanical seal, even changed to 2BV6 series ( the model from 2BV6 060 to model 2BV6-071 liquid ring vacuum pumps ) which still is not available. For 2BV5 series liquid ring vacuum pumps also are n...

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How to change the intake and exhaust ports of EVP-PB series scroll pumps?

Posted on Tue, 25 Jan 2022 06:22:02 +0000

The inlet and exhaust ports written on the EVP-PB series scroll pump data are KF25. In fact, the port left on the pump itself is a 3/4″ internal thread interface, and an adapter was added to convert the 3/4″ internal thread to KF25. If the customer does not want the KF interface, unsc...

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EVP’s Dry Chlorine Liquid Ring Compressor

Posted on Fri, 21 Jan 2022 05:20:29 +0000

Because the gas is isothermally compressed during the compression process of the liquid ring compressor, the chlorine gas compressor using 96%~98% concentrated sulfuric acid as the working fluid is widely used in the preparation of liquid chlorine in the chemical and petrochemical industries and ...

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What is the material of rotary vane of rotary vane vacuum pump? Is it fiberglass or carbon fiber?

Posted on Tue, 18 Jan 2022 05:39:40 +0000

Single stage rotary vane pump as one of the most common vacuum pump, its limit vacuum can reach 10Pa, its simple structure, favored by the majority of customers. Rotary vane pump is by the rotation of rotating parts to achieve periodic work, the most common rotating parts is the rotary vane. Gen...

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Posted on Mon, 17 Jan 2022 05:52:45 +0000

EVP-150PB oil-free scroll vacuum pump is a dry vacuum pump successfully developed by Shanghai EVP Vacuum Technology Co., Ltd. – Vacuum Pump R&D Department in November 2021.  It has been officially mass-produced and sold in December 2021, getting very positive  feedback from clients; Thi...

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